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Drilled Piles (also known as drilled piers) are a type of pile that is of high quality and are a durable long, lasting solution to many foundation needs. They can be installed quickly and effectively without the need for vibration or impacting machinery. Environmental Bulkheading Corp. can offer a number of piling solutions for low vibration and environmentally sensitive locations. Often ground engineering in the urban environment will involve installing piles close to adjoining buildings and MTA structures. Piling next to existing structures can raise concerns about groundbourne vibration from piling works causing structural damage.

Pile Types

Micropiles - (minipiles) are high performance, high capacity drilled and grouted piles usually 12” and less that offer the same high capacities as driven piles, but with the advantage of installing in limited access areas and low headroom situations. Micropiles can extend to depths of 200 feet and can take loads as small as 5 tons or as high as 200 tons. Micropiles can also be installed in threaded short lengths when low headroom access issues exist. Micropiles are designed to meet lateral, tension, and compression loads.

Caissons - are piles very similar to that of micropile, but are 12” and larger in diameter that are drilled casing to and socketing into bedrock containing concrete and rebar and can be used to sustain high compression and lateral loads. Typically they are used for bridges and large foundation structures, where large compression loads and lateral resistance are major factors. Environmental Bulkheading Corp. has installed caissons up to 300 tons.

Augercast Piles - are installed by rotating a continuously flighted hollow shaft auger into the soil to a specified depth. High strength cement grout is pumped under pressure though the hollow shaft as the auger is slowly withdrawn. The resulting grout column hardens and forms an auger cast pile. Reinforcing, when required, can be installed while the cement grout is still fluid or (in case of full length single reinforcing bars) through the hollow shaft of the auger prior to the withdrawal and grouting process. Auger cast piles cause minimal disturbance, and are often used for noise and environmentally sensitive sites. These piles in conjunction with H-piles are used by Environmental Bulkheading Corp. to install secant walls for support of excavation.

Helicals - An inexpensive alternate method to driven piles using drilled piles. Helicals can be easily and quickly installed with low cost and very little to no vibration. Helicals are very good in areas with limited access with little or no disturbance to the site. Uses for these pile include home additions, swimming pools, privacy walls, concrete slabs/decks, generator pads, commercial projects, underpinning existing foundation, retaining walls, reinforce existing foundation for second story addition, etc.